Anton came to the idea to find a job in metal work thanks to his family. He had travelled to work in Europe many times, but had not found yet a perfect country. At one point his family members living in Estonia sent him a job advertisement and Anton was interested – he immediately sent a job application via Hansawork. The recruiter got his application and quickly contacted him. Anton was offered a for a CNC operator job in the town of Viljandi. Anton saw that the job offer matches his skills. He decided to travel to work in Estonia.

When looking work in Europe, choose the easiest – Estonia

Anton was actually born in Estonia, but he had not been in his birth country for 30 years. He started his journey from his home country Ukraine in 2021, and after several days he reached Estonia. Finding the accommodation Hansavest offered went without problems. He also got in contacts with his personal manager who helped him with any questions he had about the CNC operator job.

Learning the techniques and getting used to the job went quickly for Anton, because his work in Europe has made him an expert – he has a lot of experience working in large European companies in the metal industry. The management and workers of the factory are friendly, and the salary is exactly what was promised.

Желание стабильной металлообработки в Европе сбылось

“In the three-man workshop, we work comfortably in T-shirts, and every 5 meters there is a sink for hand washing. Two sets of overalls and all the necessary protective equipment are available from the warehouse. Gloves, glasses, headphones – everything is there.” When Anton heard that the office workers of  Hansavest were also trained in welding, he was positively surprised. He thinks that in this way, the needs of the metal workers are better understood and the work can be also organized better.

How you can fit right in when working and living in Estonia

“I remember real Estonian winters from my childhood. My family and I lived in Kiviõli. My father was a bus driver and sometimes drove us to the seaside. Lake Peipsi was also close by.” Anton was born in Estonia in 1984, and when he was eight, his family decided to move closer to his elderly grandparents who lived in Ukraine. “When I told my new schoolmates there that there was a swimming pool in my kindergarten in Estonia, they didn’t believe me, it seemed impossible to them. I also told them how I once drowned in the kindergarten pool. So I can say that I learned to swim in Estonia. And now I’m back here.”

Anatoli was offered a CNC operator job in a cozy town called Viljandi. When he arrived in Viljandi, Anton was accommodated in a nice 3-room apartment, where an employee of the same factory already lived. Usually, the workers live alone in the rooms, but Anton is ready to pay for a second bed in his room in order to get a better rest from his shift work. Near their apartment building is the beautiful artificial lake Paala, rich in fish, and the center of Viljandi is only a kilometer away.

In late autumn, free time was mainly spent on cleaning the house and watching TV. He enjoyed getting to know the beautiful town. “There is a beautiful old town here. In Estonia, every city has its own story and interesting places,” says Anton. “I like Viljandi, walking home from work late at night, I feel how silence and peace give a comfortable feeling.” Estonia’s clean lakes, forests and fresh air remind him of home.

CNC operator via Hansawork

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Find a job in Estonia, kickstart your dreams

Anton, educated as an economist, has thought that in the future he could do a job where he can communicate with people. To do this, he wants to learn to speak Estonian properly. With the support of what he learned in his childhood, he can read some Estonian texts, but not as well as his older brother. Anton is grateful to his mother, who for many years kept in touch with relatives living in Estonia. “The real sense of home comes from a place where it’s good to be and where I can create my family. I would love to stay put and make my own home. I see great future opportunities in Estonia.” Metal work in Europe is easy to find, but a jobseeker should also think where it is easy to live and work, said Anton. That’s the main reason why he would recommend working in Estonia.