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Here you can find blog posts about us, about how we can help you, information about work-travel documents, and about what our workers think about their jobs and how did they get use to Estonia.

  • Estonian song festival

    Living and working in Estonia – How to get used to it? How are the people?

    Great values such as being yourself, sincere, and honest apply everywhere around the world. This is key to adaptation and it is perfect for balancing work and personal life [...]

  • Roman - a welder who did work in Europe and then applied for a job via Hansawork. He now works for Hansavest

    The story of Roman – Welder work in Europe came true thanks to hobby

    Roman is a self-taught welder with golden hands. Since 2017, he has been working in metal manufacturing the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. Welding has been a passion since he [...]

  • Welder mask for a welder job in Hansavest. Apply for work via Hansavest

    The story of Andrey – I found a welder job where they respect me

    Are you a welder looking for job opportunities in Europe? Read about welder Andrey's experience! He found a welding job in Estonia where he is treated with respect and [...]

  • 6 documents you need to work in Europe & also in Estonia

    When you want to work in Europe - including Estonia - there are different legal documents that you need. European Union countries like Estonia, Germany and Spain have all [...]

  • Who are we? Hansawork helps you apply for work in Europe, Hansavest organizes them

    Who are we? Hansawork helps you apply for work in Europe, Hansavest organizes them

    Looking for work in Europe but can't decide where? Sounds complicated to find a job abroad? We have made it easy and we can help you! Hansawork and Hansavest [...]

  • Hansavest job apply process - how to find a job in Estonia. Apply via Hansawork

    What happens when you apply for a job through Hansawork?

    When you apply for a job in Europe there are many rules. Jobs in Europe have different demands for job seekers. But here we show how we help you [...]

  • CNC operator via Hansawork

    The story of Eduard, Roman and Vladyslav – CNC operators talk about working for Hansavest

    In 2016, Eduard and Roman from Dnepropetrovsk and Vladyslav from Kherson arrived in Estonia to work for Hansavest. Now they have  metal CNC operator jobs at JTK Power Finmec [...]

  • Fish lure made in metal manufacturing industry. Workers came to work via Hansawork

    The story of Tinatini – manufacturing fish lures and working for Hansavest

    Tinatini is cheerful Georgian woman, who use to live in Rustavi near Tbilisi for a long time. She had an Estonian childhood friend living there. Her friend moved back [...]