Finding a job abroad has never been easier

Finding a job abroad has never been easier

About us – how can Hansawork help you find a job in Europe?

Wish to work in the metal industry in Europe? Then you are in the right place. Estonia is a Northern European country which has many available job positions for job seekers! Hansawork has found over 150 factories in Estonia who are offering jobs for welders and CNC operators. Everyone is welcome. Find the perfect job here.

Hansawork is an Estonian recruitment page, which is part of Hansavest Group. We have helped ~5000 job seekers find work abroad since 2005. Our amazing team will help you in every step – we help you with documents, training, accommodation, and more!

Don’t know if you are right for job? We have a solution. When you arrive to Estonia, we train your skills for free. You will be able to do your job according to EU standards, and be offered the perfect job. 

This is your opportunity. Hansawork is waiting for you to join our Estonian metal industry! 

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Our team of experts in Hansavest and Hansawork who help you with your job search
Our team of experts in Hansavest and Hansawork who help you with your job search

Popular jobs

Have a look at our most popular jobs. Job search has never been easier. If you are looking for a CNC or welder job in Europe, we have great opportunities listed below. Hansawork is always looking for new talent to join our metal industry. Our company Hansavest offer accommodation, transport, stable salary and more! Make sure to read about our benefit package below, when you click on the job position you like.




Useful things to know

Have a look at our useful articles. If you are thinking of working in Europe you have to start planning early – What jobs to apply to? What documents are required? How much work experience is needed? You need all the information you can get. We are here to help. You can read about the work experience of current workers who work for Hansavest. But more importantly, we share all the details about travelling to work in Europe.

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How can Hansawork offer jobs?

Hansawork is a job offering platform. When you apply for a job through Hansawork, your job application will reach our Hansavest recruiters. If you are a great fit to our team, then a Hansavest recruiter will give you a call. Here is how our system works:

✅Hansawork helps you apply to work in Estonia
Hansavest looks over your application and finds you work in Estonia