Open job for woodworkers and woodwork specialists

We are seeking a skilled and experienced woodworkers and woodwork specialists to join our wood industry team in Estonia. The woodwork jobs are open in Estonian woodwork manufacturing company – many different jobs for different level of skills. The successful candidate will have a strong understanding of woodworking tools and techniques, and also is hard-working and has great communication skills.

Here is how our system works:

✅Hansawork helps you apply to work in Estonia
Hansavest looks over your application and finds you work in Estonia

Typical woodwork tasks:

  • Read blueprints and drawings to understand project tasks
  • Create woodwork projects, including cabinets, shelves, furniture, and other wood pieces
  • Operate different woodworking tools, such as saws, routers, drills, and sanders
  • Cut, shape, and join wood pieces using hand tools and machinery
  • Co-operate with supervisors about work amount and quality
  • Keep a safe and organized workshop and job site
Woodworkers working for Hansavest who applied via Hansawork

Woodworkers and woodwork specialists who want to apply to work for Hansavest should:

  • Have experience in woodwork, but this is not a demand
  • Be ready to work in shifts, and on weekends
  • Know how to read blueprints and technical drawings + knows how to woodworking tools or machines*
  • Have strong attention to detail and problem-solving skills
  • Have good communication skills
  • Be able to lift and carry heavy objects, stand for long periods of time
  • Be ready to learn woodwork skills on site

*If you are motivated and a good learner, we can also offer you free professional training

What do we offer for woodworkers and woodwork specialists?

  1. Stable and regular income*
  2. Help with work-travel permits and documents
  3. Cheap housing – kitchen, washing machine, living space with bed, and everything necessary
  4. Free transportation to-and-from work
  5. Free high quality work equipment
  6. Modern, warm, well-lit, safe and clean working environment
  7. Work without a language barrier – everyone knows at least Russian or English
  8. A personal manager who can support you when you have questions about work and living
  9. Free skill testing and free training
  10. No recruitment fees, our recruitment service is for free

*Salary will be based on the tested skill level and work motivation of the worker

If you are a talented woodworker or a woodwork specialist with a passion for woodwork solutions, then apply for this great job offer below. We offer stable and regular salary, transportation compensation, a supportive team environment, and opportunities for growth and professional development.

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Why apply in Hansawork to get a job from Hansavest?
• We offer a motivating salary*
• We will take care of you by providing the necessary documents for your employment, along with high quality work clothes and tools
• From our side, we offer comfortable and cheap accommodation on fair terms
• We value both our workers and our partnering metal industry companies. It is important to us that every person finds the best work and every company finds the best worker
• Recent surveys have shown that 75% of employees come to us by reference – another proof of how happy our workers are!
*The final salary depends on your skills and experience – ask our recruiter for further information

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